Dynamic DNS

The Dynamic DNS service allows you to register a personalized hostname that can be used by others to connect to your computer. Once you have a hostname for your computer the uses are virtually unlimited. You can run a web, FTP, chat, mail or game server etc, all available to others via your permanent hostname.
Your hostname will be: yourname.flexdns.net "yourname" is your choice.
Netservers is using a modified version of the GnuDIP2 Dynamic DNS server. Consequently you can use our service with any standard GnuDIP2 updater client. Hostname updates can be made either with one of the updater clients available in the download section or via any web browser (enable cookies) Note that all communication between the commandline client (or X and Windows clients) and this server is encrypted. Linux users will need the MD5 modules which are also in the download directory and are very easy to install. (most recent linux distros have MD5 already installed)
You will need to enable "Cookies" in your web browser for auto update via browser to function.
Note: As this is a free service, Netservers staff are not available for every support issue that may arise.
Once you've completed the Self Registration section, and successfully logged in, yourname.flexdns.net will be live on the net in under 1 minute.
You then have a choice of update methods:
Set the "home" or "default" page in your web browser to be
Don't forget to use set the Forward URL in the "settings" menu of Dynamic DNS when you sign up for your new hostname. This will automatically update your hostname with your new IP and then forward you on to your favourite website when you start your browser each time.
Download the appropriate client for your operating system and set it up following the included directions. The gnudip server is ns1.cammail.net. (Please don't update your hostname more often than every 30 minutes, thank you)

Quick Links

Linux Client Download


Sign-Up Page


Update Your IP Address Manually


Home Page URL for Auto-update


Constant unnecessary updates are a waste of our resources and might lead to your hostname being dropped from the database. If you need to update your account more frequently than every 30 minutes, please use another service.
Dynamic DNS hostnames deemed offensive will be removed.
Referring to or sending Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (spam) from a Dynamic DNS hostname is not allowed. Dynamic DNS hostnames referred to in spam complaints will be immediately terminated.
Please note that Dynamic DNS reserves the right to refuse or remove a hostname registration at any time.