Signet Court Internet Service

Netservers are now providing a Wireless Leased Line service for businesses in Signet Court in Cambridge. We're offering a range of different service profiles that are designed to replace both ADSL and Leased Line services.

Our Network

As of September 2011, Netservers will have 10Gbit/sec of connectivity at our datacentre in Signet Court. In addition to our main 10Gbit link, we will have a 1Gbit/sec backup connection. These fibre connections share no common ducts and are supplied by different providers.

Our two links terminiate in our PoPs (Points on Presence) at Telehouse and Telecity in London, where we have multi-gigabit connectivity to multiple tier-1 transit providers. At both of these datacentres, we also offer a co-location service on very reasonable terms.

Window Mount

Quality Equipment

For the wireless link we have chosen to use the industry leading Ubiquiti Networks high-powered AirMax equipment. This equipment is purpose built for the provision of wireless leased line services over a wide area.

The particular equipment we have chosen operates in the 5Ghz range, utilising "Band B", which has been reserved for outdoor use. This particular band is also far less susceptible to water absorbtion than 2.4Ghz. This means that the signal penetrates trees, heavy rain and walls far better than common consumer equipment.

The nominal operating speed of the wireless nework is 300Mbit/sec. In real-world tests this equipment has shown true TCP throughput levels of 150Mbit/sec.

As the equipment we are using has been designed to operate at distances of up to 15Km, we are confident that at distances of only 20m-50m, we will have a solid, reliable and high speed service.

Ease of Installation

The wireless transceiver also known as a CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) can be mounted either internally or externally.

The internal mount (pictured) can be attached inside any window with "Line Of Sight" to the base-station at Unit 25 Signet Court. The CPE is owned and managed by Netservers, so there are no complicated set-up or management tasks from an end-user perspective.

Comparison with Broadband

In short, there is no comparison between broadband service and what we are offering. Broadband speeds in Signet Court struggle to exceed 5Mb/sec. As is well known, the "synchronisation" speed is not the actual speed that you the end user experiences. Due to various overheads including error correction and packetisation, you'd be doing well to exceed 4.2Mb/sec on a 5Mb/sec circuit.

The underlying wireless network at Signet Court is rated at 300Mbit/sec, with real-world performance of 150Mb/sec. When we sell you say 45 Mb/sec download, that is the speed you as the end user will receive. By over-provisioning bandwidth on the wireless network, with 10Gbit/sec of back-haul connectivity, we are able to guarantee these levels of performance.

Faster leased-line services of speed up to 1 Gbit are provided over dedicated links.*



Service Description Download Mbit/sec Upload Mbit/sec Montly Cost
Download Standard Broadband replacement 45 Mb 15 Mb £25.00
Download Plus Broadband replacement 90 Mb 30 Mb £32.00
Symmetric 50 Leased Line 50 Mb 50 Mb £95.00
Symmetric 75 Leased Line 75 Mb 75 Mb £145.00
Symmetric 100 Leased Line 100 Mb 100 Mb £180.00
Symmetric 250 Leased Line * 250 Mb 250 Mb POA
Symmetric 500 Leased Line * 500 Mb 500 Mb POA
Symmetric 1000 Leased Line * 1000 Mb 1000 Mb POA

(All prices exclude VAT)


Price match promise: we promise to match the price of any business grade FTTC  (fibre) broadband available in Signet Court and offer a faster broadband equivalent service for the same price.


* dedicated link pricing subject to survey, setup charges may apply.